Slaves of money

In recent days I have been carefully observing the financial behaviors of many of the people with whom I share different spheres of my life: I have detected how they manage their money at work, at university, when going out for a weekend, in a day shopping or one that is part of your routine. I did not intend to find identical behaviors in relation to the management and administration that make their money, but to my surprise I found a common denominator that is worrying and that threatens the balance of personal finances of each of them regardless of profession, social level.

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I call this particular phenomenon “The slavery of money” characteristic of those people who work to earn money, but once earned they spend everything and incur debt and must return to work to continue obtaining more money to be able to spend it again and from this way they create a deceptively repetitive circle. Without realizing it, they are mortgaging not only their material assets but perhaps the most precious asset they have: life. When they mortgage their life, they are condemned to work until they can pay all their debts – they may well be months and even years – and from this they cannot escape. The harsh reality is that the money for which they work long hours does not belong to them, belongs to the creditors and, almost by magic, they have undoubtedly become “financial slaves”.

The “financial slaves” lead a life that revolves around money and suffer obvious health conditions such as headaches, nausea, nervousness, irritability and fatigue while those who carefully manage their income enjoy self-esteem, are in control of their lives suffer less pressure and therefore enjoy pleasant tranquility.

You are a slave to money if you meet these characteristics:

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 Overtime to pay bills
 Use money from your savings to cover periodic expenses
 Doesn’t stop spending
 Live worried about bills
 Don’t know how much you earn
 Don’t know how much you spend
 Don’t know how much you owe
 You have feelings of guilt after purchasing a product
 He always has a pretext to justify his financial situation (that salary is very low, everything in this city is absurdly expensive, banks are thieves, etc.)
 Nothing satisfies him: neither the job, nor the boss, nor the salary, nor his house, nor his car, nor his clothes.

To find the way back to our financial freedom, it is appropriate to consider the following:

 Do not get more debts.
 Focus on the biggest debts and try to pay them in the shortest possible time.
 Cut budget expenditures, at least while all debts are settled.
 Control the use of credit cards. If the situation is getting out of control it is preferable to cancel them and only use cash to avoid incurring debts that most likely will be impossible to pay.


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